Looking very much forward to getting to know, and become more involved in this group.  I’m hoping that I can help in any way I have, to represent and advocate for this group as it’s goal is very close to my heart — bolder & brighter understanding, as well as promotion of kinship for Pagans of Colour.  It’s sorely lacking, moreso than I ever thought it could be.  Kudos to the creator(s) of the group, for standing up and representing on a topic that desperately needed representation.  Mayhap one day, all of us can attempt to at least accept each other, even if we don’t understand completely — not just in regards to colour, but for all Pagans, Heathens, Wiccans, & other Polytheists of every race/sex/gender/creed!  #itsalllove

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  1. I’m glad to see this, too. Magick City Pagans has a handful of African American members (not all Wiccan). I am not sure why we don’t have more. “Did you ever ASK?” “Well, um, no, … “

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    1. lol Love that. Sometimes I wonder if more of us are still deeply in the closet than I realize…and then other times, I think we’re just so disconnected and afraid of our own past history and culture that we embrace what’s commonly accepted so as not to make waves. Who knows these things, really? I guess what I’m trying to say is what I DO know, is that being a Pagan feels right to me, ALL Over! 😉


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