The Allergic Pagan

A week ago Sunday, in our Unitarian Sunday morning spirituality discussion group, we talked about what the Buddhist in our group called “now-ism”, a form of mindfulness, which is a kind of pseudo-Buddhism advocated by Eckhart Tolle and others.  We also talked about gurus and the need for spiritual teachers.  It was a good discussion.  But something jumped out at me during the discussion.

The Buddhist in the group (we’ll call him “B”) kept saying that we need to let go of our “personal story”.  B said, we all want to be the star of our own “personal story” and we need to let go of that in order to experience the present purely.  I think he was talking about ego-centrism, the kind that keeps us from connecting with other people and the world around us.   At one point B said that we need to ask ourselves, “Why do you…

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