The Allergic Pagan

(Note: Sorry to everyone who got emailed the incomplete version of this post.  My fingers moved too fast and it posted before it was ready.)

Over at Patheos, Star Foster has written a great post about struggling with daily practice which she entitles “Slacker Paganism”.  I am a big advocate of at least trying to maintain a daily spiritual practice.  Star proposes a solution for the inevitable disappointment we all feel when we fail to live up to our own expectations of what our daily practice should look like.

“What I have done is create an ideal practice consisting of five components: a prayer, meditation, diary, ritual, and another prayer. On an awesome day I will do all five. Maybe even some of them more than once. I will perform these actions mindfully and deeply, gleaning every bit of spiritual mojo from them. I will suck the marrow from…

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