In the burned house I am eating breakfast.You understand: there is no house, there is no breakfast,yet here I am.The spoon which was melted scrapes against the bowl which was melted also.No one else is around.Where have they gone to, brother and sister,mother and father? Off along… 

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modernizing: ‘Citihenge’, a recreation of Stonehenge made of cars, is unveiled on London’s Southbank by Skoda to launch their Citigo model. The giant sculpture provides Londoners with a meeting point to celebrate the summer solstice. Amazingly they might not need umbrellas, as it’s not raining today in London. It is made from 18 scrap cars,… Read More

To answer the question…I am an empath, and unless I shield — I get drained.  My energy may constantly replicate itself, but if a psivamp knows what they are doing then I’m definitely going to be drained AND feel the effects of said draining.  I’ve had to learn how to shield myself, and while i’m somewhat good at it — i go out of my way to stay away from people that are draining (most people that drain me don’t even know they’re doing it honestly!)  :/ jarandhel:
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is it possible for people to feed off of your energy and you not get drained from it? maiaseshi
Not unless you’re an empath, no.
I’d strongly disagree with this, for two reasons: First, empaths have a natural ability to sense others emotions, and in some… 

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