The Allergic Pagan

Jason Mankey recently weighed in on the “atheist Pagan” controversy at his new blog “Raise the Horns”.  By the way, I saw Jason at Pantheacon and he was easily one of the most interesting and entertaining speakers at the event.  But I don’t want to talk about Jason’s post other than to say it is a good example of a response from a polytheistic perspective.  And I don’t want to beat a dead ashvamedha either.  But one one of the comments by Brian Rush to Jason’s post was really interesting and introduced a whole new dimension to the discussion.  In his post, Jason had written: “I’ve drawn down deity on a number of occasions, and I think that the experience was far more than a trick of the mind.”  It was to this comment that Brian responded:

This is a classic sole-alternative fallacy. The author here is presenting only…

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