Thunder Only Happens When It’s Rainin’

Like clockwork, when I began to have doubt in myself – in my path & in HER last night, she came. She showed herself again on the dreamscape, to me and me alone. The message was loud and clear: “Have Faith.” I was dreaming, from the bits and pieces I recall of all the friends and family that have touched my life. I was dreaming of HER-the Goddess Aset. But I didn’t know until the end of the dream. Everything that happened before didn’t matter. You see, I was walking down a pitch-black hallway. Running, matter of fact. I was scared – so scared, I didn’t know how I was going to make it. All of a sudden, all fear was gone. I was still alone, still in the dark…but her voice was there, every woman’s voice it was. Isis…the Goddess. Her words came soundless, but clear as day in my head and heart… “you know u can hear me, and you know how. There is Nothing to fear, there never was, Porsha. The power has always been inside you, Porsha. You know it, I know it. Walk the dark not in fear or despair, but in righteousness, in courage. I am always with here, I’ve always been with you. You are the light. BE the light, and do what it is I’ve ordained you to do.” Were these her exact words? Of course not. But it is the gist of what I felt from her. Darkness cannot touch me any longer, not as long as the Goddess walks with me. And as long as I recognize her for what and who she is -as long as I understand the job she wants me to do, I am right where I’m supposed to be, doing what I was destined to do. ~PW