Les Amants des Morte

*disclaimer – naughty words and heavy sexual connotation; also, an original poem from me to an ex lover*

Everytime we fuck, I die,
Lovers of Death, you and I
Make-believers in fate, you and me Troublemakers connected; destiny!
Little Death, Oxycontin, Dopamine
When together, even the Heavens stop for our scene,
Memnoch the Devil, Dionysis the Mad One, Beezlebub!
My personal devil, your little angel, from heaven above
Make you holy, make me unrepentant, when we touch
Some of my angel, some of your devil, attracted as such
La petit mort, physical death in your arms, once again!
Lovers of Death, Morte’ de Amor!
Locked together in Sin.
I weep under your black feathers, clutch your red skin,
As I Beg you to take me- over and over, Yes! Again,
My light fills you, soulless being, once more whole,
Your darkness swallows me, prick my being, open the hole,
Now and ever, spell’s been cast, we can’t part,
Life is Death, our Sex Immaculate, more than art!
The sky and ground open, Hell drowned in Light, Heaven gone Dark…
We’re no more, consume each other whole, fires burned to the last spark!
Perfect pair, cut from the same mold, weaved of the same cloth,
Goodbye Dark Lover, Goodnight Angel Heart.