25 things i rather enjoy, by porsha a. williams


1.  the smell of freshly printed upon pieces of paper.

2.  waking up sans MITO pain or fatigue.

3.  seeing someone envy the shit outta my handbag and shoe ensemble in a public setting.

4.  drinking with no accompanied hangover.

5.  dancing with myself.  and not in *that* way, pervos.  lol

6.  writing letters, even just little notes to say hello, to my peeps.

7.  john hughes movies, especially “pretty in pink” and “some kind of wonderful” because they were both obviously written about ME.

8.  music!  (with the exception of olde tyme-y folk and country music, YUCK.)

9.  fresh ink pens, like right out of the bag.

10.  the smell of my son, dirty or clean – it’s the smell of strong genes.

11.  days when I’m in Goddess’ favor, and she tells me so with a simple thought.

12.  my old cheerleading trunks.  they have my name and a pawprint on each cheek.

13.  talking football with boys who think i don’t know anything about it.

14.  the smell of fresh rain, even in the winter but especially in the summer.

15.  my nook.  i want to love on whomever created it.  love u up, bitch!

16.  sliding my feet into a brand new pair of stilettos; that crisp, tight feeling you get that makes you stand tall and still like a boss-bytch, baby!

17.  the chaos that accompanies excessive drinking, those black patches that are followed by bright spurts of colorful remembrances.

18.  kissing someone new for the first time.

19.  kissing someone you’ve always known, ‘that way’ for the first time and realizing it was truly meant to be.

20.  playing “the lord’s prayer” on piano, because it always makes me cry.

21.  NARS cosmetics.

22.  weekly mani/pedi/wax time, the DECADENCE!

23.  wearing my hair in it’s natural state.  I love seeing the contrast between the new, jet black healthy baby roots, the semi-healthy chocolate brown middle and the heavily damaged, about to be chopped ends.

24.  wearing leggings and *only* leggings, with a long ridiculous sweater.

25.  buying and making gifts for my friends, and mailing them for no other reason than to say “hello, i still love you and i still miss you babes!”