what Samhain means to me.

i start this post off with a thought from my meditative thought from one of my sessions, as Samhain is presently upon us… “Samhain isnt about costumes, or candy corn or church trick-or-treat lock_ins…it’s not about worshipping the devil or a bunch of hocus-pocus rituals accompanied by cloaks & daggers and fires.  Samhain to me… Read More what Samhain means to me.

the reason why i keep books under my altar is because they are a part of me.  i have at least 20-25 MBS full-sized boxes of books, some in storage and some here at home with me.  they are like children; reason i love to read so much is because i am a voyuer –… Read More

My altar, or the almost finished altar.  Good Goddess Aset, who first called me home round Mabon of last year.  Vanilla and Spiced Apple-scented candles as an offering to her.  Faux roses to remind me that she deserves more than faux silk roses.  I keep the dead ones to use when burning offering to her… Read More

Hobbies of a Scorpio Female

piscesscorpioworld: Reading Gothic/Romance/Drama novels Performing sexual activities with a lover Being alone, while listening to music Buying things that hold high value Having a passionate debate with friends