Magick is the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will. Aleister Crowley (via moonsiren)

Who is Porsha?

what a question.  basic answer?  i am porsha.  detailed answer? there’s about 17 different people in this body at any given time, they all answer to Porsha…though there’s about 5 of those 17 personalities i rather wish did not.  *smirks*

I want to live in a world where little girls are not pinkified, but where little girls who like pink are not punished for it, either. We can certainly talk about the social pressures surrounding gender roles, and the concerns that people have when they see girls and young women who appear to be forced… Read More

fuckyeahndasian: seeking-wonder: omggiveaway: We will donate $0.25 for every reblog and $0.50 for every follower. Why are we doing this? We need to spread the word and get this out there. People tend to react more if they can ‘participate,’ but people are also lazy bums and won’t get off tumblr! All you have to… Read More