today’s essay about No More Nice Girls is by Nicole Cliffe, known elsewhere on the internet as Lazy Book Reviews. We don’t find her lazy in the slightest. A friend who’s involved with Law Students for Reproductive Justice recently lamented to me with an air of shame…

Lazy Self-Indulgent Book Reviews: Go Read Me Talking About Ellen Willis At Emily Books

When Columbus got off the boat, he asked us who we were. We said we’re the Human Beings, we’re the People. Conceptually the Europeans didn’t understand that, it was beyond their conceptual reality. They didn’t see us. They couldn’t see who we were. Historically speaking, we went from being Indians to pagans to savages to… Read More

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The goal of the Sustainability Workshop is to show that schools can unleash the creative and intellectual potential of young people to solve the world’s toughest problems. How? Most schools teach academic content to prepare students for a distant future, when they might eventually work on the great challenges facing society. We take those challenges… Read More