watching “yo gabba gabba” with my son, after an all-day marathon of “adventure time w/finn & jake” via DVD. he’s got his cup full’o 2% milk – my cup? filled with ‘light’ vanilla soymilk, like pleasure incarnate with every swallow. on our little pallet on the floor, my little one comforted in my lap… perfection… Read More


yourconfessions:  I’m so tired of our generation being ignorant as fuck. They spit out things like, “Just kill yourself already’, or ‘You’d be better off dead anyways’. You don’t understand just how much words can cut, and just how deep the scars can be. You could be the reason someone’s cutting themselves. You could be… Read More 58940.)

So I just went into my inbox (of my personal blog) and someone asked me what was the difference between FYFBG and Ultimateuglies and all the blogs affiliate with that blog and I replied to him that I will just address it on this blog instead because it slightly offended me. I could’ve wrote a…

famousblackGIRLS: “What’s UNIQUE about Fuckyeahfamousblackgirls?”