the colour of lust.

it’s undeniable
the knowledge that we’ll always be two
but in my head, i catch that scent
that smell that colours my view

it’s you
at your basest – your CORE
sweet like candy
hard as a board

my eyes open wider
nothing seen beyond my mind
the view is delicious
my work thus divine

my mouth makes quick work
find the place you would hide
sword-like, your thrusts
as i bury my pride

its too decadent
this pace you’ve now set
full to overflowing
this feeling, stronger than regrets

my lips find your neck
my teeth graze the pulse
you bite before i think to
my body starts to convulse

nails set in your back
mouth open, perfect O
frozen like still-life
back perfectly bowed

the salt of your sweat
i drink to chase my fear
eyes locked to your face
that face i revere

emerald eyes void of emotion
lips curled in cruelty; disgust?
i didnt care to begin with
of this u knew,
u reiterate it; pounding thrusts

burn my veins with demands
eviscerate my control on a whim
just to smell your soul today
to feel you deeper within

this is addiction
uncontrolled savagery at best
why can’t i care when it’s u in question?
why do i fail each & every test?

my answer?
the way you fill my mouth
a summation?
your sweaty body, stuck to mine
my conclusion?
both bodies still, spent
final chapter?
lust satisfied, until next time