quid pro quo

and YES, i’m full of provocative questions and racy answers today.  you can ask me anything – as i just said on my FB a few mins before.  if you’re shy, MSG Me, or send the question anonymous via my Tumblr page (thefirstdark.tumblr.com, for all you Twitter & Google+ peeps).

from a great blog, “The House of Vines.” an instance of Christianity “at work” — this is why I left the Christian church.  I cannot be behind something that is so full of fallible, hypocritical people. i mean no offense to my Christian friends, or any Christian – my words aren’t to say that everyone who worships Jesus Christ is exactly the same, but…  there is a DIFFERENCE between people being PEOPLE, vs. fanatacism, fascism and blatant violence against something or the ”someones” a Christian doesn’t understand.  it’s just not right.  the hypocrisy of these types of people and their actions is Stunning. 

#desecration #jupiter #violenceagainstpagans #christianity