what Samhain means to me.

i start this post off with a thought from my meditative thought from one of my sessions, as Samhain is presently upon us… “Samhain isnt about costumes, or candy corn or church trick-or-treat lock_ins…it’s not about worshipping the devil or a bunch of hocus-pocus rituals accompanied by cloaks & daggers and fires.  Samhain to me… Read More what Samhain means to me.

the reason why i keep books under my altar is because they are a part of me.  i have at least 20-25 MBS full-sized boxes of books, some in storage and some here at home with me.  they are like children; reason i love to read so much is because i am a voyuer –… Read More

My altar, or the almost finished altar.  Good Goddess Aset, who first called me home round Mabon of last year.  Vanilla and Spiced Apple-scented candles as an offering to her.  Faux roses to remind me that she deserves more than faux silk roses.  I keep the dead ones to use when burning offering to her… Read More

Hobbies of a Scorpio Female

piscesscorpioworld: Reading Gothic/Romance/Drama novels Performing sexual activities with a lover Being alone, while listening to music Buying things that hold high value Having a passionate debate with friends

there’s nothing more attractive than a Man or a Woman who Does Not need you for anything; nothing more Unattractive than someone who always has a dilemma! Porsha Williams, on healthy relationships


My dreams of late, have been full of messages. As the veil thins for Samhain and El Dia de los Muertos, my birthday…i feel the pull of my ancestors so strongly that i’m immobilized in a daywalking dreamstate of sorts. What do u want of me, honoured kin? Call me home, i’m yours for the… Read More Sangoma.