this day has been one of the most relaxing days i can remember, in the most recent days that have passed. 9AM found me coloring on the playmat with my niece Madison, while watching ‘Max and Ruby.’ On a Wednesday. Hump Day. the middle of the week, y’all! who knew something so small in the… Read More freeedom.

if people love you, they’ll follow u to the ends of the earth, and jump hand-in-hand over the edge — With You. if people fear u, they’ll do what they’re told out of respect for the FEAR, not the ‘fangs.’ those who are feared may find themselves at the edge of the earth as a… Read More

To quote one of my favourite movies (Empire Records), “Damn the Man!” If you’re in Columbia, Missouri this Friday, 9/23rd come to Jake’s Bar & Grill after work, off of Lake of the Woods exit — between 6pm and Midnight (stop laughing bitches, i don’t drink anymore so i’ll be aight!) This is a CELEBRATION,… Read More

vimeo: As many of you know, finding music for your videos can be somewhat… well, painful. Licensing music on your own can be confusing and finding good free music can take forever. Many of us here at Vimeo are video creators or filmmakers as well and we experience these frustrations on a regular basis. So,… Read More