quid pro quo.

i asked a rather provocative question to another person today, about why they dont find black skin attractive, even tho they are part black part white. i guess i just want to understand why people dont have at least an appreciation for something that they are a part of. that’s genetically a part of them… Read More quid pro quo.

54468.) I’m a mixed race (Black Caribbean and white) girl who refuses to date black men. If a black man tries to ask me out in a club I will tell him straight up that I don’t date black men. It’s just because don’t find that skin color attractive.

is it wrong of me to ask if the reason for that is that you hate the black side of yourself? i don’t say that to be mean…rather, just to understand why someone doesnt find attractive something that they are apart of.

oldbookillustrations: Crusoe loading his raft. From The life and strange surprising adventures of Robinson Crusoe…, by Daniel Defoe, London, Paris, New York, 1863. (Source: archive.org)

book-aesthete: Illustrations of the Linnaean Genera of Insects William Wood. Stanley Crowder, 1760-1770, sold as a collection of plates (14) Illustrations of the Linnaean Genera of Insects, 2 vol., 86 hand-coloured engraved plates, inscribed on title of first volume “Mrs Hoare from her grateful and affectionate Friend, George Crabbe”, contemporary half morocco. (Source: http://www.bonhams.com/eur/auction/18936/lot/564/)

liquidnight: “Poor children looking through a window” Children of the family Raaymakers, hit by the crisis, getting help thanks to an action of magazine Het Leven. Best, The Netherlands, 1936 [From the Nationaal Archief]