tarotblades: burn-your-flesh: vaginalsalsa: lasrbeam: the good old days Fuck I remember having to take the horse to the town stables and having to milk a cow just to get milk for my cereal. Pain in the ass days I remember getting married when I was 13, having my first child at 14, and dying from… Read More

dopatonin: Fundamentals of The Multiverse Images: Conceptual renderings of what Multiverses might look like Andrei Linde at Stanford has brought forward the cosmological model of a multiverse, which he calls the “self-reproducing inflationary universe.” The theory is based on Alan Guth’s inflation model, and it includes multiple universes woven together in some kind of spacetime… Read More

53225.) I’m worried that America has become stuck up. Yes, its a super power, and yes, we are having ecomonic issues, but there are worse things out there. There is a famnine in East Africa, killing thousands of little children. There are riots in England, riots in Libya, riots in Eygpt. Japan had an earthquake and a tsunami that flooded nearly fifty percent of its land. North Korea is under a dictatorship. We should be helping them, not worrying about where our money is going. We can survive an economic crisis, we survived the Great Depression. Not everyone can survive natural disasters, mad dictators, and revolting peoples.

I like this, to  whomever wrote it!

joannav: Pictures taken only hours ago of family members at the World Trade Center Memorial fountains where the names of those who lost their lives are engraved along the edges. I think these are some of the most powerful photos I’ve seen.