oldbookillustrations: No, no; stay where you are. Hugh Thomson, from Pride and prejudice, by Jane Austen, London, 1894. (Source: archive.org)

everything you deserve in this life, you will get…in one form or another -somehow, someway. trust and believe that! blessed lady, call the spell full-circled, well fulfilled, done deal. So Mote it Be, by the Goddess thru Me! ~Porsha Williams, on the person who ruined her evening this evenin~

fuckyeahcurlscurlscurls: Hello, I’m from Brazil and I love seeing so many beautiful curls, very inspiring, I decided to send a picture of me … kisses!

chrismohney: I’m genuinely amazed at the quality and effort that went into the 400+ submissions to the remix challenge over on hitRECord — where members of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s creative community warped two images from his upcoming BlackBook photo shoot in whatever way they fancied. And they only had three days to do it! (The above… Read More

designersof: HomeBirds Kevin, Bettie, Andi and Hugo Palm sized birds, for the project Where I Lay My Head is Home 2011. jessicaelizabethreeves.tumblr.com