just not feelin it.

meh.  why is it that when you have everything you want, and you have ‘who’ you want, and everything is going your way that it all just goes flat? what i mean by that is that…well, i mean just that.  everything is going my way for once, and i am phenomenally unsatisfied by it.  i… Read More just not feelin it.

the voices in my head

i just woke from a dreamstate so very black, it shook me to my core. in every single dream i was alone. how foolish i am.  Goddess herself was there, shaking her head as if to say “fool girl.  you thought it would be easy reinterpreting your entire existence?” mehhhhhhh. dark mother has been riding… Read More the voices in my head

i get that all of a sudden some piss-ant gets 2cents more worth of power working at a damn GAS STATION, carding people but seriously? so i’m 30ishsomethingorother…and i’m cursed with eternal youthful goodlooks, right? doesn’t mean YOU being a dick and carding ME is gonna make one less youngin a stitch less drunk. i’m… Read More

the trough of society.

seriously, i shopped all day long. i hate to shop. HATE IT.  I have people paranoia.  i get all noid in large groups. i hate malls, and speed walkers, and slobbery faced ill-kept children and people…picking their noses, and pooping on themselves…and popping their false teeth in and out when they talk to you.  if… Read More the trough of society.

y’all DO NOT want to know what ima bout to do up in this ULTA. y’all do not. *SWOONS DRAMATICALLY* Porsha Williams, on the power of a real serious hardcore makeover


yea so i’m at the mall picking up my mail (dont ask) and i did have to pass my old workplace.  i thought i’d feel somethin…anything?  …nothing.

monday morning.

i used to wake up every Monday morning, all “cray” and hyped for the work week.  you know the work week, the one where we all got started MAKING SOMEONE ELSE’S DREAM COME TRUE?  this is the first work week that i’ve woken up, all cray and hype on making MY Dreams come true, vs.… Read More monday morning.