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ladyluna333: An Energy Lineup by ~Rivaleka From Left: (#1) “Fluorite”According to folklore, Fluorite was once thought to be the “home of the rainbow” due to the crystal’s wide range of colors which many times grow intermingled or side by side. Throughout ancient history, it has been carved into statues, decorative art, amulets and talismans in… Read More

akolyte: americansuitehearts: “the largest and most destructive hurricane the northeast has seen in our lifetime” in other words, it’s the fucking biggest huge-ass storm that will ever touch down upon the holy lands of the east coast, and it will mutilate every sad fucker in its fucking hugeass path, so back up and sit down,… Read More

Origins of the Indus Valley Civilization The earliest evidence of humans in South Asia dates back two million years. Beginning about 30,000 years ago, stone age hunters and gatherers inhabited sites in the area. Between 8000 and 6500 B.C.E., there was a gradual shift from dependence on wild…

Eff Yeah Asian History: Ancient India: in Brief.

Seriously? GO BACK TO SLEEP PORSHA WILLIAMS!!!!!!!!! ~Porsha Williams, on FUGGING Insomnia!!! ~