I don’t know if you’ve ever been told this, but you should hear it. You’re amazing. You’re the greatest person to ever breathe, in my eyes. No one has ever had such a great impact on me like you have. I knew from the first time I met you that you would be someone absolutely wonderful, and I was…

this is all for you: 45282.)

45286.) You are a TERRIBLE friend but I love you just the same and I decided today that you aren’t my BESTfriend you are my FAVORITEfriend. No matter what I’ve put you through, like being the biggest bitch on the planet because I was bitter that you didn’t want to date me even though we pretty much agreed that we would be great together, you have never EVER been mad at me. I’m whinny and sensitive and bitchy and moody and stubborn and aggressive and frustrating and I fight you all the way but you are still there and I know that there isn’t a thing I could do or say that could ever make you hate me. I appreciate that more than you could ever POSSIBLY imagine. You don’t know how to handle me but you know how to deal with me. Thank you.

Love the people you know, and let them know it every single day…even if it gets awkward to do so. U never know when they’ll be gone. ~Porsha Williams, on lovin ur peeps~