Stones Throw Records Podcast 67: Jonti – The Sine and Moon Mix

Reblogged with details and tracklist update


Jonti is the newest artist on Stones Throw, with a 45 released today – Firework Spraying Moon – and his album Twirligig coming in October. 

From the artist: “Sine N’ Moon is a collection of songs I made before i started to work on Twirligig.  It starts with the first song i ever recorded called ’Saturday Night Songs’. While Gathering around a 4-track on a Saturday night  doesn’t exactly paint the perfect adolescence out of a Skins script (Ukulele solo’s don’t help either) It does show the role and beautiful friendship I’ve had with music since i left South Africa.

Fast forwarding to 2007, ‘Red On Green’ with Jonwayne shows two kids on the start of their own journeys, finding their own sound while obviously wearing their influences on there sleeve.  Over the course of the next 11 tracks, you’ll hear my journey of stretching out the beat maker thing and learning to paint more vivid pictures, although I never did stop dreaming in 12-bit or tapping on ATM machines like MP pads.”

1. Saturday Night Songs
2. Red On Green Ft. Jonwayne
3. Confused Birds
4. Nagoya Train Station 3 am
5. Nightshift In Blue/Koi Moon interlude
6. By This Shore
7. Flesh Of Morning
8. Lost Machines
9. Young Wildebeest
10. Nagoya Interlude
11. Moon Goddess
12. Sugar High
13. Passaros (Lovers Stone version)