Isis Seshat Tending to the Ancestors – Roger Williamson Art

Tending to the Ancestors: Isis-Seshat Journal Winter 2018-2019 A quarterly journal of the Fellowship of Isis Each issue, while aligned with seasonal currents, is devoted to a specific theme.   “The theme of this Winter issue of 2018-2019 is ‘Tending to the Ancestors.’ Many people who identify as Pagans incorporate a robust devotional practice of… Read More Isis Seshat Tending to the Ancestors – Roger Williamson Art

How We Know

  The link below is directly related to a subject I’ve been thinking about for some time now; regarding my paternal great-grandparents’ genealogy research. Long story short; my paternal great-grandfather was a full-blooded Native American Indian of unknown tribal relations. All that IS known, is that he was registered with the U.S. Government **but**…any paperwork… Read More How We Know

Watch Hell House LLC II: The Abaddon Hotel | Free Online Movie Streaming

“If you REALLY want a quiet, sneak-up-on-ya type of scare – try parts #1 & #2 of movie series: ‘HELLHOUSE, LLC. | the Abaddon 👹💀👻 Hotel’   Watch Hell House LLC II: The Abaddon Hotel with Subtitles Online For Free in HD. Free Download Hell House LLC II: The Abaddon Hotel. Watch free movie Streaming… Read More Watch Hell House LLC II: The Abaddon Hotel | Free Online Movie Streaming


she. “Enemy Spirits, Come to finish my fate Nothing you do Can cause me to dissipate I am forever I am EVER, For and Ever I am Always, Now and Then I am of the gods My gods, your gods and theirs Make mincemeat of your decisions Deal you heartbreak, make u have care She’s… Read More she.

the use for veils.

  Up a staircase Winding round I say nothing Eyes Wide Down Powdered footsteps Open like gravel road U say nothing No breaking the moment’s hold Asbestos powdercase Eyelashes by Mold We touch fingertips Sudden. Bold. Crunchy black taffeta Shiny Patent Waste Bodies; barely bent! Still not visible-Our Haste In & Out, Up & Down… Read More the use for veils.


I want your blood Like I want your sex I wish we’d fuck Like we never met I want your taste Copper-burnt but sweet I want your brains Tongue inside your meat Spread it ‘round like goo Dripping from the tip Lap it up, all fours! Yeah I am that bitch This is not for… Read More bloodlust.

The Disconnect

“The source is within, so there is no need for seeking validation indiscriminately or masochistically from the outside, nor for trying to make the environment friendly in order to get support, nor for appeasing others for reward.” – from the chapter ‘Suffering & Standing Separate,’ via the text Descent to the Goddess: A Way of… Read More The Disconnect

Private Life

In the Darkness of beginning night, The confusion of what should be, I gave him my little black heart, Then I gave him my little jewel; perfection like one from Tiffanys! When alone now, I can hear his voice When alone I can feel his touch His perfume comes out of my throat His decorum… Read More Private Life

Les Amants des Morte

*disclaimer – naughty words and heavy sexual connotation; also, an original poem from me to an ex lover* Everytime we fuck, I die, Lovers of Death, you and I Make-believers in fate, you and me Troublemakers connected; destiny! Little Death, Oxycontin, Dopamine When together, even the Heavens stop for our scene, Memnoch the Devil, Dionysis… Read More Les Amants des Morte


  I’m in a phenomenal place There is no sound, no feeling, no smell or taste It is the Darkness~the Soulless Pit, the Abyss! How could you not know, however could it be missed? This is the reality, finalized and discovered~You know me, now! This is the Darkness, the place where nightmares play, unbound This… Read More ~Untitled~


Originally posted on Creep Me Out:
People hear you say “Ouija Board” and visions of cultists wearing black robes, drinking blood, and summoning demons floods their minds. I’ve met people that swear they’ll never even enter the same room as a Ouija Board let alone put their hands on one and try to use it…

Year One

Originally posted on The Vulpine Portfolio:
The Vulpine Blog turns one year old this week. While my online portfolio was actually registered a few months earlier, it was twelve months tomorrow that I posted the first of these shorter and more conversational entries. Fifty-two blogs have thus been uploaded, ignoring the irregular reposts of my…

A Witch’s New Year

Originally posted on Green Witchery:
? How do Witches celebrate the “New Year”? With most of the world eagerly awaiting the arrival of 2019 on the calendar date of January 1, there are other perspectives that are quietly observed as well. This is not the Witches’ New Year. It is nothing but the turning of…

Gardening by the Moon (Part 1)

Originally posted on Green Witchery:
? People have been planting, cultivating, and reaping crops according to the phases of the Moon since time began. Many still see this as silly superstition, but it has been scientifically proven that Luna does, in fact, have a certain pull on our Earthly world. Probably the best-known influence is…

The Many Herbs of Beltaine

Originally posted on Green Witchery:
Beltaine is the time of year when we celebrate the return of life to the Earth after Winter’s long sleep. The celebration can be seen everywhere. Animals and birds call for their mates and tend their nests. Eggs hatch, green shoots emerge, trees and flowers begin to bloom, and new…

Ochfochlach for Blodeuwedd

Originally posted on Green Witchery:
? As an introduction to my Ochfochlach (an 8 line bardic poetry form), I offer a simplified synopsis of Blodeuwedd’s tale from the Welsh Mabinogion. Forbidden by his mother, Arionrhod, from wedding any mortal woman, Lleu obtains the help of his wizardly cousins, Gwydion and Math. They create a wife…